Summerhill School Curriculum Wall Art

School corridor universe wall art

Take a look at this stunning school transformation!

Summerhill School is a secondary school located in Kingswinford, West Midlands. After pandemic lockdowns saw children learning at home for prolonged periods, the school’s Senior Leadership Team wanted to ensure that when they could safely open their doors again, that students would feel welcome, safe and inspired.

With a brief to create a sense of place and identity for each department, we began the process of bringing plain and quiet corridors to life with the power of educational murals. Having worked with educators at all levels for over 20 years, our design team really understand how to create engaging school displays that communicate information in a way that is palatable to diverse audiences.

Making an impact on the school environment

Repeatedly seeing facts and figures on school corridors that are presented in colourful and interesting ways, helps to promote ambient learning – the process of absorbing information when you may not be consciously aware of doing so. It also provides access to Cultural Capital as outlined in Ofsted’s current framework. This term relates to the understanding of key themes in a wider context than the pure subject itself, so that children develop as part of a rounded and fluid educational experience.

Sometimes, departmental teams will have a clear idea of what they want their wall mural to look like, but often teaching leads are happy to provide a list of key points to encompass and leave the creative direction to us. Whatever style your team are comfortable with, we are adept at working in ways that support your internal processes.

Working around you and your working day

Following a comprehensive site survey and working in partnership with the school’s site management agency, our proposal was submitted outlining the use of a range of materials that included, Foamex and Dibond aluminium. Our expert team are able to recommend what type of material would suit the school environment best, taking into account the wall surface and condition as well as light and heat exposure levels and location within the building.

Our experienced installation team scheduled our fitting work to suit the school’s timetable, often working evenings, weekends and during school holidays.

The feedback

The excellent feedback from students, staff, parents and visitors has been overwhelming with the school enjoying a sense of vibrancy and positive energy from their new school displays.

On visiting the school local MP, Mike Wood commented “You really do have to see these new installations to appreciate just how brilliant they are. Every corridor is now an immersive learning experience with eye-catching and inspiring designs that will no doubt motivate students to want to learn more.”