bespoke brick wrap school wall art

Vinyl Brick Wrap for Textured Surfaces

Brick Wrap

Turn virtually any brick or stone surface into a vibrant display with innovative Brick Wrap. This is a unique, soft-face film product, ideal for difficult, textured surfaces. Applied using heat, this highly adhesive solution moulds to the wall surface, allowing the texture of the brick or stonework beneath to show through.

PE Department wall graphics on foamex
PE Department Wall Art

Need a hand choosing your material?

Have you got a project you would like to implement into your school, office or work environment but are unsure which would be the best material to use?

With a variety of materials and our experienced team will highlight the best approaches for your bespoke individual project. From foamex through to Dibond aluminium and custom print wallpaper, we’ll help you find the solution that is right for you.

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